James Pearson Flashes Another Font 8b

by Mick Ryan In January this year James Pearson (age 21) of Matlock, Derbyshire established perhaps the hardest route on gritstone with The Promise E10 7a at Burbage North. In February he made an historic Font 8b flash of The Ganymede Takeover at Ticino, Switzerland. Now he´s firmly consolidated his Font 8b flash potential with a second success on 05/04/07, this time with The Great Shark Hunt Font 8b at Chironico, Switzerland. James told us, “I had been wanting to try this problem since November 06 but decided to wait until I felt strong enough as it looked like a good contender for a flash attempt. After watching Ben Moon climb it in February, I got psyched and spent the next month training specifically for this problem. ” He continues, “It was a real fight, and I came close to falling on the top easy moves due to numb fingers from the tiny edges but held it together long enough. Topping out was fantastic! All was captured on video by Crabstix Productions and will feature in “The Uprising” due for release around October.” He also got close to finishing a hard project at Sonlerto but was cut short when the landowner asked them to leave. James put access before bouldering success however: “It was hard for me to leave the boulder, knowing I was so close but sometimes you have to do what is best for the greater good.It would be very selfish of me to risk ruining things for everyone else, just to complete my project.” UKClimbing.com asked James wassup next? “As for the next few months.I will be in England for a few weeks and am keen to look at a few projects between an intense set of vaccinations.Then I am off to SE Asia for 2 months.When I return I am keen for South Africa or Colorado but don´t think I will be able to afford the plane tickets.At the moment, the only thing holding me back is my finances, or lack of.I just try to do the best I can.” James is sponsored by The North Face, Five Ten and Wild Country.