James Pearson Reports – 8B Flash

James Pearson just sent us the following report on his most recent trip to Switzerland: Just got back from a 2 week trip to Ticino. Was a pretty good trip if a little hot.  Thought I would let you know that on 05/04/07 I flashed The Great Shark Hunt 8b at Chironico. I had been wanting to try this problem since November 06 but decided to wait until I felt strong enough as it looked like a good contender for a flash attempt. After watching Ben Moon climb it in February, I got psyched and spent the next month training specifically for this problem. The weather was hot and humid, and I almost decided not to try the problem fearing I would slip off due to sweaty fingers.  At the end of the day, the temps dropped just enough and I pulled on. It was a real fight, and I came close to falling on the top easy moves due to numb fingers from the tiny edges but held it together long enough. Topping out was fantastic! All was captured on video by Crabstix Productions and will feature in “The Uprising” due for release around October. I also got unbelievably close to my “unfinished business” from last trip, The Cart Project.  I felt a lot stronger on the first move and on my second day, grabbed the jug (end of all the hard climbing) only for my left hand to pop and cause me to “helicopter” off!  We returned on the second to last day to complete it but sadly got kicked off by the land owner. It was hard for me to leave the boulder, knowing I was so close but sometimes you have to do what is best for the greater good. It would be very selfish of me to risk ruining things for everyone else, just to complete my project. Which leads me on to my next point… It turns out that climbing is not permitted at Sonlerto (featured in Dosage 3 and 4). We were met buy a very angry farmer and later informed by a local climber of the access situation. I am trying to send this message to as many climbing websites as I can: “Please DO NOT climb at Sonlerto (Dosage 3 and 4) or Brione (village area). The locals and land owners are VERY angry to say the least and have threatened to spray the boulders with grease if people climb there!!!  Talks are under way between local developers and residents to try and negotiate the allowance of climbing in the winter months but sadly, so far nothing has been agreed. These are great areas and there is a chance that access could be agreed but we all need to stay away until further notice.  It would be a tragedy to lose these amazing blocs forever! Thanks for your help.”