Jamie Andrew – Marathon Appeal

As part of his continuing mission to prove that disabled people can achieve as much as everyone else, Jamie Andrew, who lost both his hands and feet in a horrific climbing accident in the Alps a few years ago is about to run the London Marathon. He started serious training back in December and it?s been going pretty well on the whole so far (with a few ups and downs) although very hard work. This promises to be his most difficult challenge yet and therefore he needs an awful lot of encouragement! He´s collecting money for two causes; Most of the cash raised will go to help the continuing excellent work of The British Red Cross in supporting people in crisis both in the UK and overseas. Some of the money will also go to a charitable organisation called Just Athletics, which is a group that provides resources and training for athletes with a disability. These are the people who helped him learn to run again and they need funding to help carry on their work. If you can afford to make a donation then he?d be very grateful. He´s also targeting businesses so if anyone fancies seeing if their company might dosh out some cash, or putting him in touch with the relevant manager, then that would be great too. The Marathon is on Sunday 14th April so there are still a few weeks to get the money in. Cheques should be made payable to Jamie Andrew Charity Account and sent to: Jamie Andrew Marathon Appeal PO Box 28240 Edinburgh EH9 3YN If you would prefer to earmark your donation to one charity or the other then please let him know.