Jaws 2 by Woods

Daniel Woods has brought his bouldering skills to the routes. After, the Nor'easter Fest, he stayed on the east coast and headed to Rumney to try Vasya Vorotnikov's Jaws 2, aka “broken jaws”, on the Waimea wall.The conditions weren't great but Daniel still made good progress, and a few days ago he told me he felt it was most likely 9a or so. Basically two hard boulder sections, which aren't too bad if you're in good bouldering form.As it turned out, he reconsidered this opinion after falling a couple of times on the 2nd, easier crux, even though the conditions were fine, before completing the route.The route is basically a short ~8A+/B boulder into a 7c/7A section into a reachy/lurpy ~7C+/8A followed by relatively easy terrain. According to Vorotnikov and Woods this adds up to ~9a+.Daniel is sponsored by TheNorthFace, La Sportiva, Petzl. Organic, Nicros, Native and Sanuk

Daniel Woods sticking the upper crux move on Jaws 2Björn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© mountainproject.com

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