Jerry Moffatt?s Revelations – Master's Wall

Published this month is Jerry Moffatt's autobiography.A force in world rock climbing in the 1980s and 1990s, Jerry not only dominated the crags at home in the UK, with cutting edge routes such as Master's Wall and Liquid Ambar, he took his talent and drive to the crags of France, Germany and the USA, repeating the hardest routes in fine style and establishing harder routes of his own. His ability to travel and perform away from home, across a range of climbing disciplines that included the competition circuit, has led many to regard him as the greatest rock climber have an exclusive extract from the book in which the man himself describes the first ascent of his Cloggy test piece Master's Wall:”I lay-backed higher up the flakes and was soon a long way above the one good nut. I began to feel totally out of control. My feet smeared on little holds I hadn't taken the trouble to clean fully while my fingers crimped desperately on barely-adequate flakes. By now, I was facing a monster fall, perhaps even hitting the ground. I carried on, terrified.”Read the full UKC article: Master's Wall The book is scheduled for release on the 26th January and is available to pre-order is live and features short excerpts from the book and pages from Jerry's diary.You can view more info and buy the book on the Vertebrate Publishing website: Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen