Jorgeson decks off Gaia and two solos of Meshuga!

by Momentum/Mike Call/Kevin Jorgeson Off Gaia The rampage continues.”After Gaia, I went and threw a rope down Meshuga for the second time. The friction was amazing,the wind was blowing hard, and I was all alone. So, I pulled the rope and sat at the base for a while,thinking about whether or not I wanted to go for it. Finally, I chalked up and started climbing, lettingthe moves force the commitment. It all felt solid and soon I was gleefully pulling the summit roofs witha big smile on my face. There were no crash pads at the base, and like Alex, I decided to eschew therope as the top is quite easy. The whole experience was quite surreal, but rewarding. ” Kevin Jorgeson at: kevinjorgeson.comAs you can read Alex Honnold had also soloed Meshuga. Quite a big day for visiting American climber Kevin Jorgeson. At Black Rocks in the Peak, he first climbs Gaia E8 6c, after taking a ground fall from high. Then he solos Meshuga E9 6c, after climbing it clean on a top rope.. Momentum/Mike Call also reports:”We just got word that Kevin Jorgeson was attempting Gaia E8 in the UK when he fell from the top and decked! Pete Ward was chatting with Kevin this morning and filled us in on the news. Kevin took a huge fall from the top of Gaia and landed on a small bouldering pad.Luckily, he was able to walk away from it! Pissed that he fell from the top of Gaia, Kevin walked around the corner looking for redemption. What he found was Meshuga, a slopy E9 made famous by the cover of Hard Grit. Kevin quickly soloed Meshuga without any pads!.” Read the report and see the photos at: Kevin is sponsored by Marmot, Asana Packworks, Sterling Rope,Black Diamond, Superfeet, Raw Revolution and Five Ten.