Junior British Bouldering Championships results and report

by Nick Colton Sunday 15th July was the Junior British Bouldering Championships. This year, for the first time, it was held at the new Cliffhanger outdoor event in Grave´s Park in Sheffield. Fortunately the climbing surfaces had been built inside a huge open fronted tent because the day started with a light drizzle. We knew from the downpour on Friday that the tent leaked in places. So, to be on the safe side, additional sheeting was added inside the tent by Mark Alderson and a team of volunteers.It was a good job they did this as the rain got heavier and heavier as the competition progressed! At times the rain was torrential.In parts the ground was water-logged – photo.Ice-cream vans got stuck in the mud, and ominously the tent housing the bouldering competition began to leak!Shauna Coxsey took the Junior Female title and Tim Lloyd was the Junior Male winner. For a full report visit:www.thebmc.co.uk ( Source: BMC )