Keith Sharples Calendar Competition – The Winners

by Keith Sharples Rachael Crewe, a 22 year-old graduate ex-Nottingham Uni, has scooped the top prize in the UKC ´Be in my calendar competition´ (Details Here). Rachael, who is currently in a field on an archaeological dig, sounded very, very excited when she heard the news. ?Wooow, I´ve won a competition and I´m gonna be in a climbing calendar? she was heard to shout to her fellow diggers. Rachael, who subsequently confessed to having a spandex fetish and hero-worshipping UK new-routester Gary Gibson, was clearly deeply moved by news of her win!Five other lucky winners who will each receive a copy of climbing: 09 when it hits the shelves later in the autumn were also pulled from the hat:Ray Lindley, Rich Griffiths, Paul Johnson, Ben Gilbert and Will Wykes.UKC Top Gun, Rob Stone, also deserves a special mention having submitted the first correct answer to all six quiz questions in a little over ten minutes of the competition being uploaded to UKC! Top marks for speed Rob; can´t fault you on your clear addiction to UKC!The competition, which was really well received/subscribed, is an exciting departure on the calendar and one which is hoped to become a regular feature. More than one (no names…) entrant cunningly tried to smooth-talk their way into the home straight by front-loading their emailed answers by offering unsolicited (though gratefully received…) positive feedback on the comp as well as the recent calendars and imagery thereon. However, it was all to no avail as the winners were all pulled from a proverbial competition hat – in this case a light blue Tupperware lunch box. So a big thanks for all the interest and support; much appreciated. By way of consolation all the other entrants will get an email with ´early bird offer´ for climbing:09 along with the offer of in-depth counselling having been a mere cheesy wafer away from the top prize!Planning photo shoots is a tricky business and, in order to hit the ground running, location scouts have already been dispatched and a beau temp requisition submitted in advance of the photo shoot with Rachael. All other things being equal, the photo shoot will happen over the next couple of weeks so watch out for a report on the shoot (spandex and all…) on UKC in the early autumn.Meanwhile I´m off now to find my Troll tights; I´m not gonna be out-done by Gary Gibson who, as readers/owners of Peak climbing guides from the Eighties will know, was a frequent climbing partner of mine at that time. But remember folks, what´s fashionable today WILL look hideous tomorrow as the two shots linked below clearly show. BTW I´m the one attempting the gnarly rock-over on Stanage´s much ignored Paranoid, the other shot is an image of two Bens (Moon and Masterson) on Rubicon´s Caviar. For more such nostalgic nonsense see my Thirty Years of Pennine Climbing Gallery… Photos: Keith on Paranoid Ben Moon and Ben Masterson on Caviar