Keith Sharples Calendar Winner

In July 2010 we ran a competition at UKC in conjunction with Keith Sharples – read the article here. The prize was to be featured in Keith's stunning calendar and this is the second year that we have run the competition.The winner was Liam Lonsdale who had the privilege of joining Keith at St. Bees Head for a photo-shoot under a brilliant cloudless sky.Here is the winning shot

An extract from Keith's blog on about the photo-shoot:The sun wasn't fully onto the crag by the time we threw our sacks down. The tide was coming in though hence access was limited to the northern end of St Bees. Even so, we had loads of boulders and the bulk of the crag to go at. As attractive as the bouldering looked ? and it looked pretty darned good ? I was super keen to get Liam onto a route. One route in particular stood out, Dreaming of Red Rocks (F7a+). This was reckoned to be one of St Bees's 'must-do' gems. Certainly, Dreaming looked good; not stupidly long, though long enough and steep with it ? gently overhanging in fact for its full length. For those of you who haven't been, the base of St Bees is a broad ledge which gently shelves into the sea. St Bees is also very popular with fishermen and there was a good few casting their lines into the sea that day. I'm used to 'working' around crag traffic, i.e. avoiding other climbers on other routes nearby to the one I'm trying to photo, but fishermen in the background was a new one on me. And every once in a while a boat sailed by too. Hmmm… I wondered; would these be an interesting background opportunity or an irritating nuisance that would need to be carefully eliminated from the frame?You can read the full account of the day of the photo-shoot on Keith's blog here and his article here.You can order a copy of the calendar here.Some example pages below:

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