Ken Wilson´s Classic Rock Update

by Mick Ryan Ken Wilson Look on or and you will find used copies of Ken Wilson´s Classic Rock series for anything upto £150.00. Hard Rock was first published in 1974 it was the definitive tick list of great British rock climbs and spawned a whole series including, Classic Rock, Extreme Rock and Cold Climbs (and Big Walks, Classic Walks and Wild Walks). For the last few years Wilson has been working on a brand new edition of Classic Rock, completely revised. It was slated for publication before Christmas. Ken told,” Classic Rock will not be out before Christmas I regret to say. It is proving far more arduous than I expected….or maybe I am just getting older and slower. I hope that climbers will consider it worth the wait, but, as you probably know, there is no guarantee of success in publishing. I would be grateful if we could discuss this after Christmas as I would like to be sure of my schedules before making any further public pronouncements.” If you want to whet your appetite for all things Classic Rock there are at least a couple of websites worth visiting. If you go to Bob Wightman´s website he has list of the climbs in Classic, Hard and Extreme Rock with those routes that Bob has done marked. Also check out Stephen Reid´s Hard Rock pages here.