Kendal Film Fest Comes to Rheged

The Kendal Mountain Film Festival is coming to Rheged, the home of the National Mountain Museum, near Penrith, between the 9th and 17th November 2002. During this period, the following will be available: Kilimanjaro – To the Roof of Africa On Monday 11th November, the Kendal Mountain Film Festival will host a UK first as the breathtaking new large format film ´Kilimanjaro – To the Roof of Africa´ has its UK premiere at Rheged – The Village in the Hill, at Penrith in Cumbria. Audiences can expect an added extra to the evening´s proceedings as award-winning Cumbrian author and historian, and star of the film Audrey Salkeld will be on hand to launch the film on Rheged´s giant screen. A UK film premiere is a first both for Kendal Mountain Film Festival, one of the biggest international mountain film festivals and for Rheged, the award-winning visitor attraction at Penrith. ´Kilimanjaro – To the Roof of Africa´ was released this summer in America and was produced and directed by David Breashears, who is also co-producer of the world´s most popular large format film ´Everest´.

The largest freestanding mountain in the world at 19,340 feet, East Africa´s Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano located just miles from the equator in north-eastern Tanzania.

´Kilimanjaro – To the Roof of Africa´ is an adventure of human spirit that follows the journey of 5 trekkers ranging from the age of 12 to 64 up the largest freestanding mountain in the world. During the 10 day journey of 55 miles to the mountain´s summit at 19,340 feet, the trekkers travel through 5 distinct climate zones including rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine forest and arctic. Audiences attending the film will follow this epic journey through the different zones from the comfort of their cinema seat. Starting in the Amazonian-like rainforest climes of the lower part of the mountain, they will be transported right up to the arctic conditions of the summit region in just 45 minutes!Photographed in the world´s largest and most evocative motion picture format, this film allows audiences to experience up close the immense distances, the countless challenges and the profound mysteries of Mount Kilimanjaro. Keen mountaineers, nature lovers and interested members of the general public cannot fail to be impressed with the stunning photography and array of flora and fauna captured in another Breashears´ masterpiece!

Audrey Salkeld

At 66, Audrey Salkeld is an award winning author and historian who writes largely on the subject of mountaineering. Although she has visited mountains around the world, and trekked to 21,300 feet on Everest, she had never been to Africa or climbed a peak as high as Kilimanjaro. In conjunction with the release of ´Kilimanjaro´, Audrey Salkeld and the National Geographic Society have produced a superb book ´Kilimanjaro: Journey to the Roof of Africa´, which will be on sale at Rheged during the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.Audrey commented:´I am delighted that ´Kilimanjaro´ will have its UK premiere at Rheged during the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. It seems very appropriate that the home of England´s high peaks will be the first place that British audiences can experience the magnificence of Africa´s highest mountain.There will be two public showings of ´Kilimanjaro´ on Monday 11th November at 7.15pm and 8.15pm. Tickets are priced £6.75 and can be booked by calling 01768 86 00 77. There are further evening showings of ´Kilimanjaro´ on Wednesday 13th, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th November and an afternoon showing on Thursday 14th November. Booking is essential due to popular demand, please call 01768 86 00 77 to secure your tickets. Alaska: The Spirit of the Wild This is one of two new large format films showing at Rheged during the film festival. Nominated in 1998 for an Academy Award TM in the documentary-short subject category and narrated by Academy Award Winning actor, Charlton Heston, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild is a story of survival, where life triumphs season after season against fierce conditions and challenges in one of the last true wildernesses left on earth! In this stunning large format film, audiences will feel as though they are actually fishing with brown bears, soaring with bald eagles, dodging awe-inspiring glaciers and racing with caribou. Director George Casey masterfully relates the genesis of Alaska and then explores its rich history, surprising wildlife, magnificent landscapes, harsh climate and abiding spirits. John Porter, Festival Director commented:´It is difficult to imagine a wilderness as extensive and as inspiring as Alaska. This film, through its spectacular cinematography, takes you into the fantastic landscapes and projects a sense of wildness, which is truly awe-inspiring. Charlton Heston´s reverent manner adds to the overall character of the film´ There are four showings of Alaska: Spirit of the Wild at Rheged during the festival week on the evenings of Tuesday 12th November, Thursday 14th November, Friday 15th November and Saturday 16th November. On each evening it will be shown along with one of three other large format films – Kilimanjaro, Everest or Shackleton´s Antarctic Adventure. The cinema screen at Rheged is a as big as six double decker buses. The booking line is 01768 86 00 77. Filming the Extreme – Adventure Filmmakers´ Workshop On Thursday 14th November 2002, Dr Kim Howells, Minister for Tourism, Film and Broadcasting will open this day workshop focussing specifically on this specialised area of filmmaking and features some of the world´s greatest extreme film-makersAs our fascination with all things extreme grows, be it the thrill and adrenalin rush of extreme sports or surviving the earth´s most inhospitable landscapes, so too does the industry that follows these feats of daring and captures them on film. Via the expertise and determination of these incredible technicians and film-makers, we, the viewer experience – albeit from an armchair – a world on the edge! Filming the Extreme aims to provide film-makers, students and the enthusiast alike a fascinating program of events and workshops led by the very best in the field. Some of the most renowned names in the industry will come together to share with the audience their skills, experience, knowledge and perhaps even a few trade secrets! David Breashears, producer and director of Everest – the most successful IMAX film to date, is flying in from America to conduct a Masterclass and show audiences both Everest and his latest masterpiece, ´Kilimanjaro – To the Roof of Africa´, which will have its UK Premiere at Rheged on Monday 11th November.

Dave Breashears, extreme film maker

Richard Else leads his workshop, The World of Desktop Television: The Shooting and Editing Revolution. Not only were he and his company the first people to deliver prime time television using digital cameras, but they were also the first to produce a series for the BBC editing entirely with the computerised editing programme, Final Cut Pro. Richard´s credits include The Climbers, The Face and On the Edge. Brian Hall will conduct a seminar on the safety and logistics of extreme film-making. Brian is a leading expert in logistics and safety and has worked extensively on many Hollywood productions, including Shackleton and Die Another Day, and is currently working on Touching the Void.The day will conclude with a Film-makers Question Time where the audience will have the chance to ask the panel of experts questions on any aspect of extreme film-making. The program of events will be rounded off with a light buffet and an opportunity to network! It is hoped that this will be the first of many specialised industry events organised by the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, which will be located within the region.Filming the Extreme will commence at 12:00 noon and is due to conclude at approximately 6:30pm. Tickets are priced £25 (10% discount available for students). To book, call the ticket line on 01768 86 00 80.For further details on all these events, please visit or