Kendal Film Festival Winners

The following films have been announced the winners of the 2001 Kendal Mountain Film Festival. Descriptions are from the film festival site Best Video Short Timeless Skiied, Directed and Produced: Dominique Perret This latest film from Dominique Perret is a beautiful mix of music, extreme skiing and historic footage with a final touch of irony that makes it truly ?timeless?. (PR2 and MR) Grand Prize Mysterious Directed and Produced: Barabas Pavol Slovenian Barabas Pavol lives up to his controversial reputation with this natural history and canyoneering documentary of a journey across New Guinea to the Mamberambo River and its isolated tribes, an area forbidden by the government.Raises a number of questions and has remarkable and original footage of areas previously untouched by westerners.Grand prize at Banff 2000. Best mountain Culture and Environment Frederick and the Camera that Lied There have always been cheats in the world of exploration and climbing, but possibly none greater than Frederick Cook.This documentary, part detective story, part farce, takes us from Cook?s short lived deception to the final conquest of Denali, first by a group of local miners who few believed, and then the 1913 ascent when Hudson Stuck finally reached the main peak. People´s Choice A Thin White Line Directed and Produced: R.J. Sauer This quirky and very personal adventure documentary follows an international cast of adventurites on bike, foot and skis on surely the most gruelling and dangerous human powered race in the world ? the 1100 mile long Iditasport Adventure Race.Best Climbing Film La Grande Cordee Director: Phillipe Savoyat Production: Migoo Productions This film follows Partrick Berhaut?s remarkable climbing enchainment of the entire alpine chain from Slovenia to the French maritime Alps, taking in a few classics like the Walker Spur in winter and the north faces of the Eiger, Matterhorn and Cima Grande en route. Best Mountaineering Film Premier de Cordee (Leader on the Rope) Director: Edouard Niermans Production: Télévision Suisse Romande At the end of the 1930?s, Chamonix was a stylish destination for cosmopolitan society, attracted to the novelties of climbing and skiing.The wealthy rubbed shoulders with the locals, and fate brings together the beautiful Italian socialite, Bianca with local guide Zian.But there are potentially fatal flaws and tensions. Zian?s father was killed in an accident while guiding Bianca?s arrogant father. This is one of two feature films that follow the couple, their friends and family, in a tale of romance, tragedy and a final, unexpected reconciliation between two societies in the days leading to WW2. Inspired by the novels of Roger Frison-Roche, the climbing footage provides a complete tour of Mt. Blanc and the Chamonix Aiguilles. Contains explicit adult material.Best Mountaineering Adventure The Longest Climb Director:Margaret Wicks, Producer:Richard Else The continued story of the remarkable recovery, will power and determination of Paul Pritchard following his horrendous accident on the Totem Pole.Last year, Paul decided the time had come to return to the high mountains and the film follows Paul?s agonising but ultimately uplifting ascent of Point Lenana on Mount Kenya.The Judges were: Leo Houlding, Jofi McDonald, Steve Goodwin, Mandy Dickinson, and Rick Silverman