Kevin Jorgeson Repeats (most of) The Groove – Cratcliffe

Nov 22: Kevin Jorgeson Repeats (most of) The Groove – Cratcliffe by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Kevin making the second ascent of The Groove Kevin Jorgeson has repeated (most of) The Groove at Cratcliffe, Peak District. See updated news report with more info: UKC NEWS The Groove was first climbed by James Pearson in February of this year at a proposed grade of E10 7b. Recently James has re-assessed his grade for this route: “In hindsight, I think The Groove is actually E11” Whatever the grade settles at, this is clearly a technically desperate route and a fantastic achievement for both climbers. Jorgeson has made a great run on some of gritstone´s most famous routes, including Parthian Shot, Gaia and Meshuga. This ascent of The Groove could be the icing on hiscake. Thisreport is a preliminary newsflash – we will bring you more in-depth coverage of this ascent soon. Thanks to Nick Smith ( for the photograph. Kevin is sponsored by Marmot, Asana Packworks, Sterling Rope, Black Diamond, Superfeet, Raw Revolution and Five Ten.