Kilnsey Crag – Parking Problems

Rainbow at Kilnsey© Escher, Nov 2005The BMC has received reports of bad parking at Kilnsey crag, Yorkshire, with climbers parking their cars on the verge directly below the crag.”This creates traffic problems for local residents and visitors passing through. The issue has been previously flagged-up by the YDNPA (Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority).” commented Guy Keating of the BMC.The official advice from the BMC is to park in the large lay-by approximately 450m past the crag, on the right.”I get the feeling this one might get out of hand unless people do the right thing.”commented Guy Keating, speaking to can keep up to date with access info at Kilnsey on the BMC's online Access Database: RAD Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen