Klem Loskot tastes deep water soloing delights (and the water)

Klem Loskot might be good on dry rock, but the Dorset deep water stuff is maybe different. But what we like is, he´s always enthusiastic. Earlier this month he dropped by Lulworth Cove. As he explains: “Six austrians went to England for a couple of days to get their ass kicked. Tim Emmett and Mike Roberts showed us around. They were so nice to us, I could say endless often cheers to them…. I had some of my best days of climbing ever. Tim showed us a new world I didn´t know before. one thing is sure for me now – whenever I go for a trip now, I won´t just search for new bouldering places, I also will explore some places to do some deep water soloing… it´s so much fun!!!” And endless often cheers to you too, Klem. Nice to see ya.. There´s also a picture of him on Adrenochrome (F8a). If they seem a touch grainy, it´s because they were grabbed from the film camera. The full stuff may follow in time.