La Capelle – French Bouldering Venue – Banned

A classic highball Font 7a at La Capelle – Now bannedUKC News, Jan 2011© Ollie Ryall

The excellent bouldering area close to the village of La Capelle in SE France has been closed to climbers indefinitely with threat of prosecution to those who ignore this ban.The land owner was previously happy for climbers to use this unusual sandstone area for bouldering (and a few short bolted routes) but has become increasingly frustrated at the damage caused and the fact that people continued to smoke here despite clear warnings of the high fire risk.As this sensitive area is basically his back garden he felt he had no option but to stop climbing all together.This is a real shame and a great loss to local climbers as well as those visiting the area. In a predominately limestone area it was great to have a mini Fontainebleau, which offered something completely different.It is worth remembering that in France, all climbing sites are owned by someone and we can only climb there with their permission. Hopefully this will serve as warning to what can happen when land owners requests aren't adhered to.Any changes to this situation will be posted on the website:

MJ on another classic La Capelle sandstone boulder – Now bannedUKC News, Jan 2011© Ollie Ryall

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