Lafaille off to Annapurna

The French guide, Jean Christophe Lafaille is off to Annapurna this spring with Ed Viesturs and Veikka Gustaffson.Their plan is to climb the East Ridge which Ed suggested at a lecture he gave recently is a much less dangerous proposition than the original French route on the North side of the mountain. “It?ll be an extremely interesting experience to climb with two very strong mountaineers. The East Ridge is a very long traverse at altitude. Erhard Lorethan, who made the first ascent of this ridge, told me that it´s very long and beautiful ridge ? 7.5 km above 7000m, with three 8000m peaks in middle!” says Lafaille.This will be the 4th time that he has been to Annapurna and his 8th 8000er.His been training recently with a first solo winter ascent of Pèlerinage on the North Face of Peigne. ( Source: Planet Mountain )