Last Ape Index – John Redhead

by Niall Grimes The last Ape Index of the winter takes place this Sunday (10th March) and promises to be unforgettable (but for the right reasons?).The legendary artist, and one time climber John Redhead will be in Sheffield.Perhaps most famous for his chop route ´The Bells, the Bells´ and early forays onto Cloggy´s Great Wall before Moffat turned up with his sticky boots, Redhead will be performing his show, ´…. and one for the crow.´Always one to question modern approaches, amongst the weirdness there are words of wisdom – “if you climb to get to the top, you should seriously question why you climb”. At the Brincliff Oaks, Nether Edge, Sunday 10 March, £4 to get in, starts at 8pm.