Last Route in Wales at 5pm tonight and the Hard Rock Festival

by Mick Ryan Silvia Fitzpatrick After an epic time on Slanting Slab yesterday, Rich Mayfield and Mark Stevenson are now climbing Dwm on Castell Cidwm which leaves one more route to do in North Wales, Mousetrap at South Stack, Gogarth, which they are doing in less than 3hrs time with Silvia Fitzpatrick and Glenda Huxter at 5pm this afternoon. Dwm is extra special for Rich as this is the only Hard Rock route he hasn´t done in the past, so that would make him the third person (that we know about) to complete all the climbs in Hard Rock. Then it is down South to Chair Ladder and Bosigran with the final route on Friday, Moonraker at Berry Head. THEN, it´s party time with the Hard Rock Fest where you can join Rich, Mark and Sam for a weekend of climbing and partying fun this Saturday and Sunday (18-19th of August) at The Mill Adventure Centre, North Johnny Dawes, Mike Robertson and Steve McClure, three of the most exciting and active climbers ever to emerge on the British scene, will be giving Master Classes and slides shows during the weekend. There will also be demonstrations illustrating different techniques and equipment, lectures, climbing and slacklining competitions, slideshows and opportunities to buy new kit (Cotswolds and DMM). Keep upto date and donate at: The Hard Rock Challenge Blog: The Hard Rock Challenge Website: