Latest on Snowdonia Green Key

On the final day of April 2002 the Snowdonia Green Key Partnership issued a press statement describing the consulation process for the much debated Green Key Strategy as ´valuable and highly constructive´ Councillor Dafydd Iwan, speaking as Chairman of the Snowdonia Green Key Executive Group is quoted in the press release as saying:”From now on, this Initiative, if it is to succeed in its purpose must be developed with the co-operation and active support of the local community and in close consultation with all interested”The press release also acknowledged the problems with the Park and Ride aspect of the strategy.´As a result of the overwhelming amount of reaction in relation to one particular aspect of the scheme, the Park and Ride element, the Partnership will reconsider its proposals and produce revised plans with the assistance of consultants and with the full co-operation and contribution of local people and interest parties.´ ( Source: BMC )