Les Beaux Quartiers, 8A/+, by C. Miquel (f)

Catherine Miquel has repeated Les Beaux Quartiers, 8A/A+, at Rocher de Bouligny, Fontainebleau. Back in 1998, Miquel became the first woman to send an 8A, by sending Philippe LeDenmat´s Duel at Franchard Cuisinière. Since then she´s also repeated Sale Gosse assis, 8A, making yesterday´s ascent her third 8A. On top of this she´s also sent a number of traverses between 8a and 8b. The only other woman to have sent 8A/A+ is Switzerland´s Yvonne Niederberger, who repeated Au bord de l´eau in the Rocklands last fall. Bleau.Info