Longstone Edge – BBC Politics Show

Report from the SLEG meeting at Calver Village Hall yesterday: The BBC Look North Politics Show took place on yesterday afternoon LIVE from Calver Village Hall in the heart of the Peak District. Over 170 people were crammed into the hall (with about half as many again left outside – abject apologies to them) to participate in a lively debate about the alleged unlawful quarrying activity in Backdale Quarry and associated areas. A mixture of live broadcast and pre-recorded film, the audience heard formal contributions from the Save Longstone Edge campaign, the land owner, Lord Hattersley (a local resident) and a brief interview with the Chief executive of the Peak District National Park Authority – although no explanation was forthcoming about the PDNPA´s decision not to appear on the stage on Sunday (speculation included the fact that it was half-term and all the key people were on holiday!).  As far as we could tell, there was not even one member of the Authority in the audience. With local MP Patrick McLoughlin on the stage with presenter Cathy Killeck in charge of proceedings, and Political Editor Len Tingle in the audience with a travelling microphone gauging the attitude of the audience, viewers will have been left in no doubt about the local strength of feeling regarding the extraordinary rate of limestone extraction that is taking place in the avowed pursuit of Fluorspar. Great exasperation was clearly expressed at the PDNPA´s inability to do anything decisive about this issue over the last 9 years, and the Government´s complete failure to back them up with adequate funds and appropriate legal mechanisms so that the National Park may be saved for the benefit of future generations. The conclusion drawn was that the Peak District National Park is really not in safe hands. For further information on this on-going campaign, please visit the website: www.longstone-edge.org.uk We will be posting photos of the event as soon as possible. In the meantime, local MP Patrick McLoughlin has managed to secure an adjournment debate on this matter in Parliament on Tuesday 24th October at 1:00 pm. A delegation of SLEG supporters will be attending on Tuesday, to support Patrick, and to draw further attention to our campaign and the government´s refusal to take it seriously. The sole subject under discussion at the meeting was Limestone Quarrying on Longstone Edge. So far, this is the high point of our momentum-building campaign to raise the issue on the national stage, and make sure it stays there until resolved. The local politics show is only one step away from National BBC coverage, and Patrick McLoughlin´s adjournment debate next Tuesday is the opportunity for the next step – but only if we are pro-active.  We WILL get on national TV – IF we have a big turn-out in London on Tuesday.  It´ll be BIG news because nobody ever goes to adjournment debates. We are organising FREE transport to London on Tuesday to attend the adjournment debate. This is why we are so dismayed by the decision of the officers of the PDNPA not to participate in the Look North Politics Show on Sunday. Malcolm Wootton Save Longstone Edge ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–