Longstone Edge – Mass Trespass

Save Longstone Edge Group today issued a challenge to all those participating in tomorrow´s celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Mass Trespass on Kinder Scout. Group Secretary John Lambert said: “Tomorrow we will be celebrating the action of the many brave people who defied authority to help secure for us all access to the countryside.  Yet not enough is being done to protect and enhance the countryside.  Even here in the Peak District where the Mass Trespass took place, our National Park Authority seems powerless to prevent the destruction of Longstone Edge by limestone quarrying.  Acres of wonderful open country are right now being destroyed by greedy and cynical companies who are exploiting 50 year old planning permissions to take away large amounts of low grade limestone for road making under the guise of quarrying fluorspar. “We therefore urge all those who are celebrating the Mass Trespass to show their support to our colleagues who will be outside New Mills Town Hall tomorrow.  We are calling on Environment Secretary David Miliband and the Peak District National Park Authority to work together as a matter of urgency to produce a plan to end this destruction by the end of this year.” Supporters of SLEG will be outside New Mills Town Hall from 3 pm on Saturday, 21 April. SLEG Website