Longstone Edge SAVED

The battle to save Longstone Edge, a picturesque part of the Peak District National Park, from unauthorised quarrying has been won. Following a public inquiry in February, a planning inspector has today (Friday 27 April) ruled in favour of the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA)?s enforcement action to halt the removal of huge quantities of limestone by quarry owners and operators at Backdale Quarry on Longstone Edge near Bakewell. Guy Keating, British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Access & Conservation Officer said: ?This is great news and after the uncertainties of the public inquiry it is very heartening to see the ?right? decision has been made.  Congratulations must go to the Park authority and the local pressure groups for sticking to their guns and taking the quarry companies on ? let?s hope this sends out a very strong message that our National Parks really are too precious to be meddled with. ? The ruling means that the PDNPA can now move forward with the enforcement action it has prepared for what it believes to be unauthorised limestone quarrying at Wager?s Flat.  The ruling also allows the quarry owners and operators 4 weeks to appeal. The BMC has campaigned in support of the PDNPA and other pressure groups throughout the inquiry.  BMC staff, volunteers and local climbers attended the inquiry, publicised the potential destruction and supported a petition.  The BMC would like to thank Henry Folkard (BMC Peak Access Coordinator) for his dedication to this issue. See the previous news reports on the ceaseless activity of the SLEG. See, it does pay to voice your opinion. Back in February the SLEG became one of the early users of the governments new electronic petition service (there are now over 7,000), using the website to rally climbers and walkers to sign up and make a difference. Over 2,000 signatures were added to the list within the space of a week or so.