Longstone Edge Update

by Henry Folkard Longstone Edge As previously reported in March, the public enquiry into quarrying on Longstone Edge was cancelled after intervention by the Sectrtary of State. The National Park Planning Authority subsequently imposed a temporary stop notice, which can last for 28 days and expired on 8th May. On the same day the Planning Authority issued a new enforcement notice and full stop notice which prevents any new activity on the site for the time being. It may be that Bleaklow and MMC appeal these notices, in which case a date will be set for another public enquiry. Alternatively, resolution may be sought by all parties in the High Court to determine the actual meaning of the disputed 1952 planning authority which is being used to support the quarrying claims. The fight to prevent the progressive destruction of the National Park had been led by the Save Longstone Edge Group (SLEG), Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and many individuals. Sadly SLEG has now been wound up after some in-fighting developed within the group which has not helped the campaign in any way. In the event that the case is ultimately determined in favour of the quarrying company, the Planning Authority will be liable for substantial claims for loss of income and legal costs from those parties. The implications and significance of the final determination will however reach far beyond the confines of the Peak District and be of national significance. There will be a verbal update at the next BMC Peak Area meeting on 15th June, 8.15pm, at the Whillans Hut, the Roaches – or sooner if there are any newsworthy developments. For Henry Folkard´s full report check the planetFear site.