MacLeod and Emmett in Sron Ulladale TV Climb

Taransay and the hills of North Harris from Niosaboist, South Harris, Outer Hebrides© pete leeming, Aug 2003

Sron Ulladale (Harris)© Tom BriggsDave MacLeod and Tim Emmett are set to be filmed for a major TV show this summer. The programme, made for BBC Scotland, will feature the two climbers new routing on the Scottish Islands. The main event will be an attempt on a new route up the hugely overhanging crag of Sron Ulladale on Harris.”It has been developed by Triple Echo Productions for BBC Scotland and will consist of a 6 hour broadcast, scheduled for Saturday 28th August.” said Richard Else, of Triple Echo Productions.Despite the media hype and over use of catch phrases such as 'world record' and 'extreme climbing', the programme looks set to be a great hit, appealing to both climbers and the non climbing public.In the build up to the Sron Ulladale climb, Emmett and MacLeod will be new routing on the islands:”A few months before the live broadcast, Tim and Dave will be attempting another world record – to put up 5 hard new climbs on 5 different islands in 5 days. With weather, tides and sea sickness to contend with, even the logistics of this attempt are mind boggling. Add to that the hardest routes the pair can find on each island and with the clock relentlessly ticking, it's likely to be a nerve-racking week for both climbers and film crew.” commented Richard Else, deftly slipping the phrase 'world record' in the first sentence.Dave MacLeod has already been out on Harris “peering at unclimbed cliffs for hours from the boat” in preparation for his and Emmett's five day new route marathon, but Richard Else was keen to promote other aspects of this television programme, that will cover culture as well as climbing:”There's more to this broadcast, however, than these dramatic ascents. No one who visits the Outer Hebrides can fail to be impressed by their cultural, linguistic and historical importance. Add to that some of the most stunning scenery in Europe and a wealth of outstanding natural history, and it is easy to appreciate why this broadcast will celebrate these elements as well. Interspersed with the climbing action, will be a number of features highlighting the special character of the Hebrides. And in further recognition of the quality of the landscape, Britain's best known walker, Cameron McNeish will be creating a new long distance route through these islands.”The event has already been discussed on the UKC Forums and many users have wondered if they will be able to watch the programme as they are not based in Scotland. Answering this and other questions on his blog, Dave MacLeod said:I can't get BBC2 Scotland, can I still watch it?”Yes, it will be streamed live on the BBC website, and shown on the BBC HD channel too. Not doubt there will be plenty of other methods to tune in besides – more on this as I get the information from the BBC.”

Tim EmmettPauline Sanderson, Feb 2009© Glenmore Lodge
Dave MacLeod© Dave MacLeod

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