MacLeod Climbs Trauma E9

Dave MacLeod has made the third ascent of Leo Houlding´s Trauma, E9 7a, on Dinas Mot with a very fast ascent made in warm conditions. The lead was not without incident and it´s quite good to read that even rock superstars get Elvis leg. A route you would not want to get the shakes on is Indian Face, E9. While in Wales, Dave made the long walk up to Cloggy and managed to toprope the route cleanly fairly quickly. The possible lead was on but Dave did not feel the psyche due to the immense trust you place in some very small footholds. Dave writes on his blog: ?The climbing wasn?t very technical, just standing up on many very small toe edges for 100 feet. You can take both your hands off on any move on the whole thing, but it?s still super thin on the toes… I realised that the only thing that would make me fall off would be the snappy nature of the some of the footholds or one of my feet randomly skidding. Both were relatively likely and although the RP protection was not nearly as bad as I had read, there is still the possibility to die in a fall from the end of the hard part… When your chances of survival come down to whether a crystal decides to snap at that given moment, I?m not really that interested.?Read more from Dave and see some great pictures on Dave MacLeod´s blog. You can also see some more great pictures and read an interesting account of those watching on the hotaches blog