MacLeod Scoops Golden Piton

Hot on the heels of the Piolet D´Or (Golden Ice Axe), the Golden Piton has just been awarded. The recipient? A certain Mr Dave MacLeod for his ascent of Rhapsody at Dumbarton Rock last year. The Golden Piton Award was established a few years ago to recognise the most impressive rock climber of the year as it became increasingly clear that the Piolet D´Or was focused on mountaineering. Other winners in other categories of climbing this year include Chris Sharma for his mega deep water solo in Mallorca, Dave Graham for his prolific bouldering, and Patxi Usobiaga for his sport climbing prowess. There´s a pretty comprehensive write-up on the Hot Aches Blog. Here´s a little of what they have to say: At Hot Aches we are obviously well acquainted with that route and very pleased that we could capture the whole process on film. The award is particularly pleasing because, in this slightly mixed up world of climbing, we, as film-makers, have won several awards for E11 but until now the most important person ? the climber, received nothing (in the way of awards). Congratulations Dave, and long may this good weather last… Detail of the Golden Piton Award