Magic Graham

This all went down a while back, but since I (Björn) have been sick, we haven´t been able to report it. Dave G and friends have visited Magic wood, for about four days, there was two feet of snow there unfortunalty. They´ve been putting up new shit at the secret swiss spot, lots of amazing problems! All the projects almost went down, there is only a couple left. Magic wood: -unundliche geschichte part 1 8B+ – couple days -unundliche geschcihte part 2 8A+ – 1 day (Dave says: “I did part 1 4 damn times trying to link it into part 2, it would the hardest thing ever if i could do it, maybe next trip to magic wood”) -High spirit 8B+ – ten tries?Dave thinks 8B, Michi and Ivan Tresch climbed it also and think its 8A+, so go figure? -Massive attack 8B 4 tries -Super nova 8B couple tries (definitely 8A!) -Sofa surfers 8B 2 tries ( also 8A for sure) -Down under 8A 2 tries -Du cote de seshuan 8A+ couple tries -No Liberty 8A Flasheeehhhhooo, it was hard secret swiss spot( or swiss bleau) – mostly all first ascents… -Entwash 8A+, LONG -she lobs lair 8A+,sick roof in a river bed, all water polished and long!!! -Darkness 8A -Force of nature 8A+,beautiful dyno!!! -Marylin monroe 8A,broke a hold maybe 8A+ now -Eyes Closed Navigation 8B,one really really hard move of a crimp, and a bad heeltoe in a small roof, super cool!! -Eehoo 8B Chironico: -Shadowfax 8B+ fa,”hardest new thing Ive done except dreamtime! really hard roof problem on the soucoupe roof, fucking brilliant, ends with a really cool jump.” three days??? -The Intercessor 8A+ fa,”fucking rad, pockets, bad pockets on granite” -some 8A dyno, couple days! -huge 8a traverse, 2 tries Cresciano, -Mithril 8B, fucking rad!!!! -Walker on earth 8A fa,couple goes, bad crimps!