Massive downgrading in the Maltatal

Last weekend Werner Thon, Markus Bock and Harry Röker spent 3 days in Maltatal/Austria to try some hard boulders from Klem Loskot. On the first day Markus climbed Pluto auf der Jagd, 8B, in 10 minutes and Werner climbed the boulder on the second day. We think, it´s more like 8A/8A+. On the second day Markus checked out Wrestling with an alligator, 8B+, and climbed it on the third day of climbing. It´s more like an easy 8B. After climbing Wrestling…, Markus checked out Petting with an alligator, which is an other finish-variation of Wrestling… also graded, 8B+. Markus climbed it after the checkout and downgraded it to 8A+.