Matt Bransby´s body returned to UK

The body of Matthew Bransby, who died when his anchor failed while abseiling in Greenland, has been brought back to Britain. Matt, who was 54, had been observing the progress of his son Ben who was part of a team conquering the “Thumbnail”, a vast sea cliff there. It was August 4. Ben and the team had just topped out in triumph; Matt and Sandy Ogilvie, who were observing from a vantage point, were abbing off the top to return to the baase when the accident happened. He fell 300m to his death when the rope slipped off the rounded rock that they were using as an anchor. John Alcock, a friend of Matt´s, told the BBC: “Matthew was one of the most fun people I have ever climbed with. He did not just enjoy everything, he lived it.” The funeral will be held on August 24. ( Source: BBC News (climber) )

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