McClure Onsights F8b+

With all the rumours flying that Strong Steve McClure revently onsighted Steve Dunnings new F8b+ in Yorkshire, we contacted Steve to find out straight from the horses mouth. Here´s what he had to say: On 27th of August I on sighted Steve Dunnings new route Indian Summer at Kilnsey. He had proposed a grade of 8b+. Initially I doubted that, mainly because I´d managed to do it. However, I´ve come close to others recently in Spain and Switzerland. Steve (Dunning) is no stranger to hard redpoints and knows what he is talking about, and apparently the project has also seen attempts from Vickers and Parry. Adrian baxter amongst others have recently been on the line and said the route to be as hard as other 8b+ routes they have been on. Last week I got close to the flash of true north (8c), having flashed the bottom bit (full tilt 8b) and getting a hell of a lot higher, so maybee Indian summer is 8b+. For once in my life I´m not so keen to down grade it! Grades…. don´t they just piss you off!!