McClure Onsights f8b+

We just received the following email from Steve McClure following a recent visit to Terradettes, north of Barcelona in Spain: You?d think I?d follow my own advice on warming up. It?s one of the most important parts in a days climbing. However, on the first day, on pretty much the first route and in a freezing cold wind I battled with a route that turned out to be harder than I?d thought! Result; falling off with a massive pump and massively strained forearms that took 3 days to fix! Fortunately that still left 3 climbing days when I managed to bag 8 grade 8?s including my 500th grade 8. By pure fluke this coincided nicely with a pure onsight (placing quickdraws) of an 8b+. Pity I blew the first 3 days! This was Steve´s second f8b+ onsight.