Melloblocco 2008: A success for Val Masino

This authentic phenomenon surpassed all expectations last weekend, drawing more than 4000 passionate climbers into the valley. This number and success is far greater than all other bouldering meetings worldwide and makes Val Masino and its "jewel" Val di Mello a reference point and example.

Fotostrecke: Melloblocco 2008: A success for Val Masino

Fotos: © Giulio Malfer

The secret of this meeting – invented in 2004 by the Lombardy Mountain Guides and promoted and organised by the Val Masino town council for the last two years running – is extraordinary thanks to its simplicity. It is the story of an encounter and a sort of love affair. On the one hand the beauty of these valleys which constitute a true untouched enclave in the heart of the Alps. On the others the passionate climbers who, in this beautiful and almost primeval countryside, have unearthed their small great Eden.

During the four event days thousands of granite boulders of all shapes, sizes and difficulties became the scene of a true embrace between nature and the climbers themselves.  Located on the green meadows in Valle di Mello, within the enchanting forests of Bagni di Masino and also in the rediscovered "garden" Mota di San Martino the boulders witnessed a small miracle as thousands of young and even younger climbers and even families populated the Melloblocco.  What stands out is the fact that an incredible and possibly unheard of record number of young and extremely young climbers were attracted to the mountains.  And the result was a joyful, zero impact crowd.

One of the distinctive features of the Melloblocco is the absolute respect for nature. All journeys in the valley are carried out on foot or using the shuttle bus service.  Furthermore, the thousands of participants left no trace whatsoever in the valley. Because the Melloblocco boulderers go on foot, leave no rubbish behind and truly love their natural playground. It is also because of this that the entire Val Masino has adopted and awaits them, year in year out. So much so that this year's meeting has become a reference point not only for the climbers themselves but also as a model for future development in alpine valleys.

Val Masino believes in this model based on untouched, pristine natural resources. Melloblocco is in fact only the tip of the iceberg, for beneath the surface the valley is a reference point for nature lovers and climbers all year round.  Unsurprisingly, Valle di Mello became a natural reserve shortly before the 5th edition. This was the final act which should now ratify the area as protected once and for all. This is what Val Masino wants, this is what all the boulderers, climbers and nature lovers want. And this is what the enchanting valley deserves!

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