Melloblocco 2011: Everyone is bouldering in Val Masino

From 5 - 8 May 2011 the 8th edition of the Melloblocco will take place in Val Masino, Sondrio, Italy. The Melloblocco is the biggest and most important bouldering meeting in the world and this year it is dedicated to the International Year of Forests.

Melloblocco 2011It's called Melloblocco. But to those who love climbing, all you need to say is "Mello" and you'll be understood. For eight years running this has been the world's biggest meeting for everyone who loves climbing boulders immersed in a truly splendid nature. Over time this has transformed into an unmissable appointment. A happening, total and free, for four days of climbing, bouldering, parties and other little-great events in the splendid Val di Mello / Val Masino.

The "Melloblockers" have always loved, respected and defended this valley of wonders. And it is also for this reason that Val Masino has always welcomed them with open arms. And this is also why the 8th "Mello" edition is dedicated to the International Year of Forests.

"Melloblockers" always turn out in force. More than 2000 of them last year, and each year this number is on the rise. They belong to all age brackets and are united by a single desire: meet up and climb together. They are driven by one unique, great rule: total respect for nature.

A great nature wedged in between the sky, green meadows and infinite rocks in Val Masino where boulderers feel fully at home. So much so that they have elected this valley their home and a symbol to be protected. It's been like this right from the outset – and it comes as no surprise therefore that to get from one area to the next, climbers walk or hop on a shuttle bus.

The boulderers converge from all over the world to join the Melloblocco. They represent no flag in particular. They all speak the same language, the language of climbing. The Melloblocco is attended by some of the world's most famous climbers, those usually seen in magazines and who invent magic tricks to beat gravity. And then there are those who help you discover true magic with their smiles.There are mothers and fathers who climb with their children. And there are those who have only recently begun to climb. Or those who want to discover what this world is all about.

The "Melloblockers" don't require much. All they need are some climbing shoes, a crashpad to soften their falls, a chalk bag and, above all, friends to share this magnificent game of climbing. The bouldering begins early in the morning and finishes late at night.

There's a game for everyone: all you need to do is search carefully amongst the thousand plus boulders littered within clearings, the forest and the valley meadows. Then, when the game is over, it's time to meet up and party and recount all the day's small and great adventures. The Melloblocco is simple. It's for everyone and even children can do it… perhaps that's why it is so happy!

The date is set for 5 – 8 May, in Val Masino, for the 8th Melloblocco.

The Melloblocco is open to all and climbers can pre-register on the official website.

QuelleNicholas Hobley