Mick Fowler Photo inspires first ascent in India´s Garhwal Himalaya

by Denis Burdet Arwa Tower In the beginning of this year, it occurred to Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf and myself (Denis Burdet) to go on an expedition together. Mick Fowler´s photo of Arwa Tower didn´t play a small role in our choice?the mountain looked magnificent. While the peak was a mystery to us, its surrounding region seemed an incredible nest of unclimbed walls. We left on April 28; Ines Papert and Anita Kolar accompanied us to attempt the French Route on the west face. The base camp was still entirely buried in snow, and from there, the mountain remained beyond our sight. Anita got sick on the approach, but on May 7 we saw the mountain for the first time. We spent the next week equipping the snow slopes. Ice fell frequently from the face, and it was hard to protect ourselves. On May 18, we took our portaledge to Camp I, and continued climbing until May 22, as it snowed and snowed…. ( Source: Alpinist )