Mid Summer Challenges Shaping Up

A couple of weeks ago planetFear announced that it would be offering a trophy to the best Mid Summer Challenge of the year each year. To get the ball rolling we´ve come up with a few challenges of our own that we plan to attempt. If you have a challenge and you fancy joining in the fun email us a few words about it and we´ll enter you into the competition. It´s not just about how hard a challenge is, but how creative, original and fun too. OK, Matt Heason and Steve Hodges plan to take on the 14 Peaks in Snowdonia over 3,000 feet, climbing a route on as many as possible. We´re at research stage at the moment and aren´t sure whether there is a route on each, but we reckon that there probably is. So that would be 14 peaks, 14 routes and roughly a marathon in walking and running all in the space of 24 hours. Shane Ohly and John Arran, known for their fairly hardcore challenges in the Peak District have an ambitious one planned: A Traverse of The Peak District. From Shane: The exact details of this challenge are still being finalised but in essence it?s a simple idea. For years John and I have talked about attempting to repeat Ron Fawcett?s unrepeated traverse of Stanage, well we thought we?d take it a stage, or two further, by adding in Burbage North, Burbage South, Millstone, Lawrence Field, Frogatt, Curbar, Baslow, Gardoms and then Birchens! What we are talking about is the first enchainment of the eastern grit crags!We don?t know how feasible this challenge is but plan to keep traversing for as far as we can in 24 hours, walking or running between each crag. If the crag has routes described on it then we?ll traverse it. This should mean we don?t end up trying to traverse 10ft high outcrops. As Ron did during his traverse of Stanage we won?t be able to touch the ground or the top of the crag while traversing but will be able to take the easiest possible line. John & Shane after their marathon 500 routes in a day. We´re talking to these guys to see whether they fancy joining in. Although it won´t take place on Mid Summers Day we reckon we could make an exception as it is for charity. So come on, get your ideas in to us. You´re not committing anything by joining in. You don?t have to do it, but to win the trophy you will need to be able to provide proof that you actually completed what you set out to do! The Rules. When? 2 weeks either side of Midsummer Day What? Any worthy rock climbing (related!) challenge. Small Print: Entrants must be able to provide evidence of their achievement. Preferably photos, video and independent witnesses.** A route can be climbed up or down. All routes must be declared, along with their style of ascent. Guidelines: Any or all of the following will be considered by the judges; in no particular order of importance: difficulty, gnarliness, team effort, unisex team, inclusion of running and / or biking, exclusion of driving or other powered transport, number of routes, height ascended / descended, originality, environmental awareness, multi-disciplines, outrageousness and audaciousness. Basically the winner will be the challenge completed in the best style that incorporates the above.*** Judges: As Shane and John are entering this competition then Ron Fawcett will be the sole judge.In Return: To enter the competitionThe Prize: A stunning and unique ´Challenges Trophy´ engraved with the winners name(s). Recognition and fame beyond your wildest dreams!!! Send your planned challenges to challenges@planetfear.com