MLT Board name changes

Press release from the BMC: The Mountain Training Boards (?Mountain Leader Training Board?,? Northern Ireland Mountain Training Board?, ?Scottish Mountain Leader Training Board?,? Wales Mountain Leader Training Board? and ?United Kingdom Mountain Training Board?) have collectively decided to undertake a change of name. The integrated and identical nature of the work of the Boards, along with their regional roles will be reflected in the adoption of the following new names:Mountain Leader Training England (MLTE) based in Capel Curig and Manchester Mountain Leader Training Northern Ireland (MLTNI) based in Tollymore Mountain Leader Training Scotland (MLTS) based in GlenmoreMountain Leader Training Wales (MLTW) based in Capel Curig Mountain Leader Training UK (MLTUK) based in Capel CurigMaterials issued by the Boards may well include reference to the old identities for some time as existing stocks are utilised.We apologise for any confusion that may initially arise and hope you will bear with us through the transition period. The staffs are the same; the work is the same; the expertise is the same with the added bonus that we all work even closer together. We believe that our new titles reflect the equal standing and increased harmonisation of the work of the individual Boards.