Monster Mad Climbing Abroad

Whilst things appear to be fairly quiet on the home front, one or two people have been making some extremely impressive statements abroad: First off we have Adam Ondra, a 9 year old (yes I said 9 years old!) from the Czech Republic who has currently climbed two 7c+ redpoints and five 7c onsights! Then a couple of Spaniards had a stunning ten days of climbing at the Gorges du Loup in France. Twenty year old Ramón Julián climbed: Deversé Satanique, 8a+, OS La grotte de Nounours, 8b+, 5 tries Magma, 8b+, 2 tries Discoteca, 8b+/c, 4 tries Golgoth, 8b+/c, 4 tries 7 pm JP chaud, 8c, 9 tries Last soul sacrifice, 8c, 2 tries Total eclatch, 8c, 2 tries Total minus, 8c, 2 tries Asai, 8c/c+, 6 tries Totalité, 8c/c+, 2 tries Zubble, 8c/c+, 5 tries Power sacrifice, 8c+, 2 tries Le côté obscur, 8c+, 3 tries Kinematix, 9a, 5 tries And Edu Marin – just 16 years old, climbed: La grotte de Nounours, 8b+, 3 tries Discoteca, 8b+, 2 tries 7 Pm JP chaud, 8c, 13 tries Last soul sacrifice, 8c, 2 tries Total eclatch, 8c, 8 tries Total minus, 8c, 5 tries Asai, 8c/c+, 7 tries La Totalité, 9c/c+, 6 tries Power sacrifice, 8c+, 6 tries OK, on to boulderingFred Nicole has reportedly climbed his (and the World´s) second Font 8C.Fred climbed Dreamtime, a 21 move testpiece in Cresciano, Switzerland last year, which was repeated not so long ago by Bernd Zangerl. Within days Bernd has himself added the second Font 8C. He actually believes that it is harder than Dreamtime and has stuck his neck out and graded it Hard F8C! It is at an area called Alm near Flirsch in the Austrian Tirol. At 2,300m it is only really possible to climb the problem in te summer. Then on to hard solo´s, Alex Huber has free solo´d – i.e. just his boots and a chalk bag – the Brandler Hasse route in the Dolomites. The route demands a fierce reputation and was free climbed by Lucy Creamer and Airlie Anderson last year. The 18 pitch route took him 4 hours! Well that´s it. All this news is from