Moon climbs sit start to Voyager, Font 8b+

by Mick Ryan Voyager Ben Moon has climbed the sit start to Voyager his Burbage testpiece of last year. Voyager (given Font 8b or V13) recently got two repeats from Tyler Landman and Paul Bennett (see photo) Ben reports on his blog, “Well this is the news I have been waiting to blog about for just over a year! I just climbed the sit start to Voyager. It´s quite amazing really because I climbed Voyager on the 16th November last year so it´s almost a year to the day that I have finally achieved what I set out to do which was always to climb right from the back of the roof. It´s been quite a battle I must say and I´ve lost track of the number of days I have spent on this particular climb. It´s been really hard for me and is certainly the hardest bit of climbing I have done and I am pretty sure it´s 8b+. After many tries last winter and spring I got very close but couldn´t quite link it all together. I felt so unmotivated over the summer and wondered if I would ever get motivated to start the battle again but it´s amazing how a few cold days can totally turn your mood around.” Ben´s blog. ( Source: )