More Adam

Adam Pustelnik, 19, has now returned to Poland after his most successful roadtrip so far. Here´s the low down: Redpoints: Power Play 8c (5 days of work) Showdown 8c (3 days of work) Wall Street 8c (3rd try; “I knew the route from a try last year”) Raubritter 8c (2nd try; “I find it more as 8b+”) Nice Boys 8b+ (“This is the grade proposed by me. It is graded in the guide 8a+, but a hold broke and I was probably the first person to repeat it after that”) Nightmare 8b (5th try) Master Blaster 8a+ (2nd try) Bastard 8a+ (2nd try) Nikita 8a+ (3rd try) Onsights: Spiderman 8a Slim Line 8a Witchcraft 8a Ringbandschoner 8a Flex Control 8a Gruene Bannane 8a Voegeln Verboten 8a In a couple of days, we´ll have a profile on Adam.