More European Action..

It seems that the climbing season is in full swing on the continent with numerous hard ascents quickly following each other. See the Sport climbing round up report for more information on previous news. Is there another sport where both female and male athletes perform at the same high level, and where age means little?Ladies are doing it for themselves… Maja Vidmar from Slovenia has climbed ´Osapski pajek´ 8c, and ´Matickov svet´ 8b in OSP, Slovenia. Maja is now the seventh reported woman to climb 8c! The leading female climber, Josune Bereziartu (Spain) has quickly sent ´El Percal´ 8c at Tres Ponts. She sent the route in 1 day on her third attempt! ..and age means little.. The 15 year old climbing prodigy, David Lama, has made the first ascent of ´Quelque chose de pas important´ in Zillertal, Austria. David proposes the grade 8c+ and climbed the line on his 4th attempt! This is his 5th 8c+ and his 59th(!!) reported ascent of 8a or above. …and the Spanish keep cranking! Spain has always had strong climbers but in the last 5 to 6 years, it seems to have exploded with world class climbers. Their seemingly unlimited overhanging rock and exceptional weather may have something to do with it. Quickly following on from the notable ascents of Dani Andrada, Patxi Usobiaga and Iker Pou reported earlier on in the week here, Ramon Julian has been making quick ascents of top-level grades inbetween travelling and competing in World Cup competitions. Since May 1st, and within 1 week, he climbed:Zepetano, 8c (3 tries in a day) and Santa Linia, 8b in Sta. Linya (Spain)He then sent Mutter, 8c (3 tries during a day) at Alquezar (Spain)He then returned to Sta. Linya to climb Santa Lena, 8c/c+ (3 tries over 2 days).This is after competing in the Flander round of the World Cup, finishing 7th, on the 28th April. Source: