More Spanish redpoints

Ramón Julián and Edu Marín had their goals set high on their recent trip to southern Spain. They wanted to onsight 8c and redpoint Barnabé Fernández´ Orujo, 9a+. Well, they didn´t succeed this time, Orujo was wet, but they did send almost everything else they tried 2nd attempt: Cous cous, 8c, El Chorro (three tries for Edu), “easy 8c” Kalliste, 8c, Archidona Carbunco, 8c, Archidona unnamed 8b+. Ramonet also sent: Happy hardcore, 8c Carbono 14, 8b+ and a project of Christian Lupión´s for which he proposes 8c+. Later, both tried Mojave, another Fernández-route which was the first 8c+ on the Iberian peninsula. Ramonet needed two tries, Edu five… Pablo Barbero has also been active.At Las Bruixes he had a productive day, onsighting five 8a´s and redpointing Definición de acción, 8c. Moving on to Siurana he added El Membre, 8c), L´odi social, 8c+, and Zona 0, 8b, onsight, to his collection. Desnivel