Naughty Natan strikes, update

In the Grampians, Australia, Nathan Hoette of Perth has made the second ascent of Who´s a Naughty Boy 8b+/8c(32/33). Well that’s the grade Garth Millergave it back in 98 after he did it. The route had been a long term project of local lad Gordan Putlney and when Miller had ”stolen” it from him he was a little upset. His following actions shocked the Australian climbing community he removed the bolts, smashed some holds off and smeared the rest with sun tan lotion. The bolts went back in the middle of 99, so what is the new grade, maybe 8c…… Update: Just before sending Who´s a Naughty Boy he also completed an awesome few months with other Grampian hard classics: 2nd accent of Life Styling, 8a+(30), but more like 8b he thought, Torniquet, 8a+(30), 4th shot , Unnamed, 8a+(30), on spurt Your Terminated, 8a(29), flash. Not only has he been on the routes in the Gramps, but the blocs as well Snooky Badlands, 8a (V11), Butt Hole Surfer, 7c+(V10), and a new link-up in the Hollow Mountain Cave Body Eater into Ogar´s Thumb to produce Viva Resistance , graded it 8a/8a+ (V11/12). Stay tuned for more as he is still there with his eye on more stuff….. All this from´s new reporter Matt Adams