New 8c from Aschwanden

Reto Aschwanden has opened Rammstein a new 8c at Soyhiers, Switzerland. Almost three years ago, Reto broke his right shoulder by smashing against the rock on a bad fall in a project at Soyhieres. He underwent surgery and missed two seasons of climbing. Luckily, his shoulder recovered almost fully, so that he can now again climb intensely. Yesterday, on March 20, 2003, he finally sent the project and named it Rammstein, which has two meanings: For one, it´s a German industrial metal group which he likes a lot, for the other it´s a pun: Stein is german for stone and rammen means ram, so the name perfectly describes the accident. For the grade, 8c seems appropriate, since it´s a lot harder than the neighboring Mines de Rien, 8b+.