New access restrictions in Squamish, Canada

by Chris Keylock Several representatives of the climbing community met with British Columbia (BC) Rail this week to discuss climbers´ access to the lower Malemute? ?It appears that there may be possibilities for climbing on the lower Malemute in the future, although any solution will take some time to implement.? In the meantime the lower Malemute is closed (voluntarily) to climbers, starting immediately. BC Rail is considering some suggestions we made which might address its concerns, and this may take a few weeks. ?Please don´t climb at the lower Malemute until there is clear information that it is allowed again. This will show our good faith, and show that climbers can be self-policing when necessary. If you climb at the lower Malemute during this time, you may jeopardize any future for climbing there!! We will publicize any developments by broadcast e-mail, as well as in the next Access News (late September).? (From Kris Wild (Squamish Rockclimbers´ Association),Kevin McLane (guidebook writer), John Howe (Squamish Search & Rescue,S.R.A.), Brent Mathieson (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and Anders Ourom (Climbers´ Access Society of B.C.).