New Bolts At Horseshoe Quarry: the BMC's position

The BMC's Land Management Group (LMG) has been looking at some of the fixed equipment in the BMC owned Horseshoe Quarry and is proposing to replace selected equipment such as some protection bolts and some lower-offs.The following statement is a clarification of the BMC's position.The issues concerning the replacement of fixed equipment at Horseshoe Quarry will be discussed at the next BMC Peak Area meeting on Wednesday 2nd September, at the Crown Inn, Glossop. No work will be carried out at Horseshoe Quarry before that discussion takes place.The main factors that the LMG are considering are as follows:The age of some bolts.Whether lower-offs are up to acceptable standards.Easier routes are a higher priority.Where it is considered that bolts need replacing the BMC's policy is that replacement should only be made on a like for like basis.Accordingly, the BMC's position is that the LMG will act as follows:In all cases LMG will seek to preserve the current character of routes. If the LMG feels that additional bolts may be needed, or may need moving substantially, the LMG will consult the BMC for guidance and members' views.More information at : Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen