New Bouldering Guide Creates Public Conflict

by Mick Ryan Opinions about Steve Dunning´s new guidebook to Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering that we previewed at (link) are creating a lot of noise at the bouldering forum, So far the guide has generally been well received and has sold over 800 copies since publication. The controversy starts at page 8 of a thread entitled “Yorkshire Grit Bouldering Guide” when someone going under the name Moose writes a critical review. Some agree and some disagree, one poster going under the name of 1000.dave says that the guide is “better than any previous Yorkshire bouldering guide ten times over,” but then says that he is leaving the forum for good. You can take a look at the argument yourself, (link), but as usual always take what is written with a pinch of salt. Better to judge Yorkshire Gritstone Boulderingyourself by nipping down to your local climbing shop and having a look at a copy.