New Developments from Entreprises

Indoor Ice Climbing Walls A shopping centre in the Hague is an odd place to take your ice climbing gear, but you wouldn´t want to be there without it – Entreprises has built Europe´s first purpose built indoor ice climbing wall for customers of Netherland´s outdoor store Bever (it´s pronounced lever). To make this work, a bare wall is refrigerated to -15 degrees, and coated with ice and artificial snow. The temperature of the wall is varied to allow a constant freeze-thaw action in order to simulate authentic ice climbing. The ice climbing room is kept cold by 15cm thick insulated walls and triple glazed viewing windows.Later this year, work will begin on a second ice climbing wall, ´The Ice Factory´ win Kinlockleven will be the world´s largest artificial ice wall, with four hundres square meters of climbing surface and a height of thirteen meters. More info on the Bever Ice Wall can be found at Cyber Boulder Imagine you could share problems on your training board with climbers from all over the world? Now you can. The cyber boulder from Entreprises is a flat panel board made to highly specific dimensions. Holds have limited orientations, allowing problems to be defined and shared. On the Entreprise website, there are problems set by Arnauld Petit, which can be replicated by anyone with the cyber board, and necessary holds – have a look at this for example: Safety Holds When holds break on a boulder problem it is annoying, when they break at the top of a route they become dangerous. With climbing walls becoming increasingly concerned about issues of safety and liability, the new safety holds from Entreprises could well catch on. Each hold has a metal insert designed to keep any broken hold in one piece, and importantly, keep the parts attached to the wall.