New E10 Slab for MacLeod

Dave MacLeodDave Brown/Paul Diffey, Hot Aches Images, Oct 2006© Hot Aches ImagesDave MacLeod has ticked his slab project in Glenfinnan. MacLeod has named the route Die by the Drop and has suggested a grade of around E10 7a.Commenting on his blog he said:”It's a slab so who knows what bloody grade to give it? I know there are some hard slabs out there, and I also know I'm an awful slab climber. So all I can really do is compare it to recent slabs and other trad routes I've climbed: Harder than Indian Face & Walk of Life? Check. Harder than If Six Was Nine? Check. Harder than Muy Caliente? Check. Etc etc… So maybe it scrapes into E10 7a.”MacLeod has mentioned the route in previous blogs before his successful ascent and has described it as quite short (around 40ft) but desperately technical:”Unfortunately there's no way I could lead this slab with any kind of margin. It's a full on, all out desperate slap, scream and wobble fest to get through the crux. And that's on a top rope. The landing looks like it might only dish out broken legs. It's only a 40 foot route. But the chances of a scary tumble would be high.”You can read more details on Dave's Blog.Dave is currently away climbing in Spain but we hope to have more details from him when he is back in the UK.Dave MacLeod is sponsored byGore-Tex,Scarpa,Black Diamond andMountain Equipment Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen